5th Intermediate English Cloze Test Exercise

Welcome to the 5th English cloze test quiz for intermediate learners. This online b1-b2 level cloze test exercise has 5 multiple choice cloze test questions with answers prepared for intermediate level learners of English. It includes vocabulary and grammar items to improve your cloze reading and assessment skills. When you finish this 5-question online cloze exercise, you will see your results compared to those of other test-takers. Have fun!

Intermediate English Cloze Test 5 – Choose the best answer!

One important discovery in the middle of the 1850s made it possible to build modern skyscrapers. …(1)… the Industrial Revolution, brick and stone walls carried the weight of buildings. …(2)… each floor was very heavy, it was impossible to build very high houses. In the middle of the 19th century steel …(3)… an important building material. This metal was …(4)… and light. Architects could now construct a steel skeleton to support very tall buildings. Chicago’s Home Insurance Company Building was ten stories tall and the first skyscraper …(5)… such a steel construction.

1. Choose the best answer for gap 1.


2. Choose the best answer for gap 2.


3. Choose the best answer for gap 3.


4. Choose the best answer for gap 4.


5. Choose the best answer for gap 5.


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