Advance C1 English Online Reading Test – 4

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Welcome to the Online Advanced English Reading Comprehension Exercise & Test-4. On this page is a free English reading comprehension passage with an online reading test. Upper-intermediate to advanced learners can take this c1 online reading test. Have fun practising your reading skills.

Online Free English Advanced Reading Test-4. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions!

In modern times, it was perhaps the “gentleman scientists” of the nineteenth century who came closest to a genuinely objective form of scientific research. These privileged amateurs enjoyed a financial independence which most scientists today cannot have, and which enabled them to satisfy their scientific curiosity without the need to please patrons. With the growth of scientific research after World War II, science has become an expensive occupation. Many scientists today look back upon the 1960s as a golden age of modern-day science, when research was mainly funded by the taxpayer, and scientific enquiry was seen by governments to be part of the public good, and worth paying for. Today, the situation is very different. “Academic freedom” is now often little more than an illusion for most scientists working at universities or in publicly-funded research institutes. Moreover, science is now largely dominated by the interests of the industrial world, and hence, hardly deserves the name “science”.

1. According to the passage, the major difference between the “gentleman scientists” and present-day ones …………………. .


2. The writer of the passage regards the “gentleman scientists” of the nineteenth century as privileged because ………………… .


3. The writer of the passage argues that contemporary scientific research …………………….. .


4. The phrase “part of the public good” in effect means ……………………. .


5. The writer points out that in the 1960s ………………………… .


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