Beginner English Cloze Test – Exercise 2

Here is EnglishMatic’s beginner cloze exercise (2). This free online English cloze exercise comes with a basic cloze passage for beginners and has 5 multiple choice questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Start English Cloze Test – Exercise for Beginners 2!

Read the dialogue and fill in the blanks with the best answer!

Martin: Hi, Nice to see you again. (1)—— are you?
Mike: Fine, thanks.
Martin: (2)—— you have an English class today?
Mike: Yes, I have an English class. It (3)——- very interesting.
Martin: Your English is good. Do you (4)——– the teacher?
Mike: Well, yes, I do. English is difficult, but I (5)——- quickly.
Martin: Well done!

1. Complete the dialogue?


2. Complete the dialogue?


3. Complete the dialogue?


4. Complete the dialogue?


5. Complete the dialogue?


Question 1 of 5

A cloze test assesses learners’ comprehension of grammar and vocabulary items and is an essential part of some language tests. proudly offers beginner English cloze tests and exercises to help you learn English better. On this page is a free English cloze test, a basic comprehension text for beginners. It includes a daily dialogue as an elementary cloze text and there are multiple choice cloze comprehension questions with answers.

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