Learning is Easier Now with Online English and Turkish Tutors

Do you need to score better in English exams? Are you looking to improve your conversational English? Can’t you get a promotion because of English?

Englishmatic.com can help you achieve your goals! We offer online private English classes for individuals and groups. We have experienced native speakers as well as non-native speakers of English. Our basic offer:

  • Online classes are interactive with audio-visual presentations,
  • The curriculum (teaching program) will be arranged during the first (introduction) class by your tutor in line with your needs and requirements,
  • Your course pack could include academic, technical or business English.
  • Targeted language skills (writing, speaking) may vary as regards your selected plan,
  • Our hourly rates are affordable and lower than those of tutoring sites.
  • Hourly rates as low as $25 (native speaker) and $15 (non-native).

Questions? Please send us your message using the form below.

Interested in Learning Turkish Online? Find a Private Turkish Tutor Today!

Are you looking for a native Turkish teacher to learn Turkish or improve your speaking skills? Planning to visit Turkey but want to learn basic Turkish first?

Check what we offer:

  • Learn & improve Turkish with a native Turkish teacher online,
  • Classes are online, tailored to your level and individual/business needs,
  • Experience a comparative teaching of Turkish with English language structures,
  • Learn from zero or advance your knowledge of Turkish language,
  • A focus on speaking and pronunciation,
  • 100% live online classes via Skype/Zoom,
  • Hourly rates starting from as low as $15

More questions? Contact us by filling the form. We will reply within 48 hours.


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