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Welcome to’s free English level test to assess your English level online! This English level test is composed of 20 questions of varying difficulty levels. You will be given a detailed analysis of your performance after you submit the English level test. Your suggested level acts only as a guide for your studies on this site. Test Your English NowChoose the best answer!

1. I walked to school this morning, but I ______________ a bus.


2. A: ………… did you put the cake in the oven? B: About twenty minutes ago.


3. The idea of a balanced diet is difficult to …….. to those who know little about food values.


4. Many incompatible couples stay together _________ their children.


5. Ever since I was a child, I _______ interested in technological news.


6. How ………… money did you spend on these clothes?


7. Listen! Somebody ………… loudly.


8. Jack……….. part in our conversation tonight due to the fact that he……… appointment with his doctor.


9. I don’t know why you insist _____ blaming me _____ all the troubles.


10. We always ……… at the hotel by marina when we go to San Francisco.


11. Richard _____ the doctor _____ his chest.


12. My grandfather ……… run fast because he is ………… .


13. While we …………… yesterday, we …………… Mike.


14. You shouldn’t be rude _______ you’re very angry.


15. My cousin is arriving ……… Sunday ……… 10 p.m.


16. When I was a child , I was afraid …… dark.


17. She is a careful driver. She never drives _____________ .


18. He must give us more time ________ we shall not be able to make a good job of it.


19. The TV program was so _____ that I felt asleep.


20. I wish the teacher ______ us more about the exam before it takes place.


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Testing your English level is important before you start studying English. If you know your English level, you can take the appropriate lessons, tests and exercises which will add up to your learning. Otherwise, you can find yourself in nowhere, spending efforts for nothing and simply wasting time.

An English language level test online is basically prepared to assess and place the test taker into beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Thus deciding on your level of English grammar, vocabulary and reading knowledge will be beneficial. offers a free English level test online which you can take before embarking on your studies. Test your English Level for free Now!

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