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How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension in 7 steps?

This article will examine the steps of how to improve your English reading skills. Reading may seem easy, but actually it is not. People face troubles while reading an English text or passage and cannot figure out quickly what the author wants to convey. Reading skill is defined as a talent of reading something along with comprehension. If you can read but cannot fully understand the message by and between the lines, it is evident that your reading ability is poor and you will have to enrich it. Here, you will also be able to grasp how to develop skills and comprehension while analyzing short reading comprehension passages with questions.

 Let’s find out the essential ways to enhance reading skills.

Get Familiar to the Reading Text & Passage

The kind of reading text matters a lot to sharpen your reading skills. There are two types of writing; factual and Literature. Factual reading texts focus on giving information and are generally based on textbooks, newspapers, etc. Literature talks about poetry, novel, stories, etc. provides you with online reading passages, exercises, quizzes and tests with questions. Here, you can take advantage of studying online factual and literature reading texts with questions.

Skim & Scan the Passage

Skimming and scanning are effective techniques used in analyzing a short reading passage. Skimming is a quick check for general understanding of the content while scanning is a detailed interrogation of specific information in the reading text in English. Take a glance at the structure of what you are going to read. Pay special attention to the following options while studying reading passages with questions:

  • Title
  • Strong words
  • Negative expressions
  • Paraphrasing with synonyms
  • Adverbs of frequency, contrast and time.
  • Graphs and Illustrations

Read The Passage Loudly

This technique helps a lot to develop your reading skills. When you read aloud, your eyes, ears, and brain work collectively. It compels you to focus on the reading passage in English. It also assists you in finding the details. However, you should turn to silent reading soon.

Read Daily through Critical Thinking

How to improve English reading skills? We ask the same question again and again, but we don’t strive to take a step. So, read daily for at least 30 minutes and try to ask yourself questions as regards what you have read. Try to criticize the author’s intention, style and words. Analyze the reading passage with questions. This will boost your reading comprehension and familiarity with understanding a short reading text with questions and answers.

Find New Words & Structures

When you are reading a passage, find some new words and grammar structures that you find hard to understand. If you have failed to clarify meaning upon them, write the words and structures in your notebook. Find their meanings and usage in a dictionary or grammar book. You can find synonyms as well which contributes to your vocabulary, and it is the most significant benefit of reading. The better your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is, the faster and easier you will grasp the message of the reading passage with questions.

Try To Grasp Meaning From Context

All the tips explained on this page are to enhance and improve your comprehension as it is fundamental in reading. Try to obtain the message of the author through specific words or phrases. You can best test your comprehension through beginner, intermediate, advanced online reading passages, tests and exercises which you can find on the internet. Be confident, read daily, and take English reading tests with answers.

Check Your Comprehension Progress

Another important step in improving your reading comprehension skills is to check your progress through online reading passages and tests with answers. Study free online English reading comprehension tests and exercises for advanced learners if you plan to take a language proficiency exam or the TOEFL, IELTS and FCE. Happily, provides you with free English online reading passages, exercises, quizzes and tests with answers.

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