From Zero to Hero: The Best English Apps and Courses for Every Level

Today we are going to present you some outstanding apps and courses that make English learning easy and fast. We will uncover how these English language apps and courses will help you succeed in developing your grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

We begin with applications and programs designed to enhance overall English understanding. Following that, we will assess specific English grammar, reading, listening, and speaking courses based on proficiency level.

We advise you to check out this super English learning app called MosaLingua Premium! It’s like having a personal English tutor right in your pocket. This app is all about helping you learn English in a fun and fast way. You can use it on your computer or your phone, so it’s super convenient.

With MosaLingua Premium, you’ll learn about 6000 words and phrases in English that you need to know. Plus, you can practice speaking and listening to English all the time, which is a great way to become fluent. This successful English learning app comes with lots of other helpful resources to improve your English skills. So, if you want to become an English pro, give MosaLingua Premium a try!

Seen as the best app for learning English, Mosalingua Premium emphasizes the use of scientifically proven methods to enhance the language learning process. This English learning & practice app utilizes the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), which helps users in retaining information efficiently through systematic review and repetition at intervals.

Furthermore, Mosalingua Premium stands out from other English learning apps with its personalized approach. This English improving app adapts to your individual needs and learning style, creating a customized study plan that focuses on your weak areas and helps you progress faster. This individual  approach ensures that you make the most efficient use of your study time, maximizing your language learning potential.

In addition to these features, Mosalingua Premium also offers excellent support for pronunciation practice. The best English learning (speaking) apps feature a voice recognition tool that evaluate the pronunciation of each word or phrase spoken by the learner. This tool provides instant feedback and suggestions for improvement, allowing learners to practice their pronunciation and speak English effectively.

You will have countless opportunities to utilize your language skills effectively in various contexts such as travel, everyday life, work, and exams. The MosaLingua English speaking and vocabulary learning app will help you progress quickly by managing your time effectively using a method that fits your schedule and level.

Learn a new foreign language quickly.
Besides English, learn a new foreign language quickly.

Interested in testing your level in a foreign language?

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The Espresso English Complete Program helps you become fluent in English step by step! Learn ALL the skills you need for fluent English. Go from “beginner English” to “excellent English” in just a few minutes a day with our step-by-step courses.

Learn English with Complete English Program
Learn English with Complete English Program
  • SPEAKING: Learn useful English phrases for daily life in the context of conversations – so you can speak more fluently.
  • LISTENING: Understand native English speakers better – EVERY course includes audio, and there’s also one focused specifically on listening skills!
  • GRAMMAR: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced grammar lessons that make everything clear and easy to understand.
  • VOCABULARY: Learn 4,000+ words to express yourself more fluently, without pausing or hesitating.
  • PRONUNCIATION: Practice your pronunciation so you can speak clearly, confidently, and correctly. Includes pronunciation evaluations by a teacher!
  • INFORMAL EXPRESSIONS: Learn 800+ idioms, phrasal verbs, and slang words to help you understand TV, movies, and native English speakers.
  • READING: Practice your pronunciation so you can speak clearly, confidently, and correctly. Includes pronunciation evaluations by a teacher!
  • WRITING: Practice your pronunciation so you can speak clearly, confidently, and correctly. Includes pronunciation evaluations by a teacher!

Students love this program:

– Andrianina from France

  • Everyday English Speaking Levels 1 & 2 – $90
  • Vocabulary Builder Course Levels 1 & 2 – $60
  • Basic & Intermediate English Grammar E-Books – $15
  • American English Pronunciation Course – $30
  • Shadowing with Shayna Course – $30
  • Business English Course – $40
  • 600+ Confusing Words Explained E-Book – $15
  • 1000 English Collocations E-Book – $15
  • Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course – $30
  • 200 Common Errors in English Course – $40
  • Listening Course – $45
  • Reading Course – $80
  • Slang E-Book – $15
  • 300+ English Idioms Course – $30
  • Advanced English Grammar Course – $90
  • Advanced Vocabulary and Collocations Course – $90
Improve your English speaking, reading, listening and conversation.
Improve your English speaking, reading, listening and conversational skills.


If you’re just starting out or not quite a pro in English yet, it’s important to work on learning important words, phrases, and grammar. Practice listening and repeating to get better at speaking clearly!

Here are the best English learning products for beginner and pre-intermediate students:

Learn essential grammar easily! This e-book will teach you the foundations of English grammar, with clear and easy-to-understand lessons plus practice exercises. You’ll learn about simple present, simple past, present continuous, present perfect, articles, and much more. You can review and practice everything you learn with the included quizzes. Click here for details!

Want to boost your English vocabulary? With over 1000 useful words covering topics like everyday activities, school and work, travel and fun, interesting people and big ideas, and society and global issues, this resource is perfect for you! It’s a simple, fun, and efficient way to learn new words and improve your English communication skills. Click here for details!
Want to sound like a pro in English? These phrases are the real deal for everyday stuff. You’ll learn how to chat on the phone, order food at a restaurant, shop ’til you drop, travel like a boss, make friends, and way more. Click here for details!
These pronunciation lessons help you practice all the sounds of American English, make the difference between similar sounds, and practice connecting words for more natural spoken English. Includes a pronunciation evaluation by a teacher. Click here for details!

When you’re in the middle of learning English, it can be tough to feel like you know some stuff but still struggle to say exactly what you mean. To get better, you should practice speaking and writing in English a lot, fix any mistakes you make, and keep learning new words and grammar rules.

Here are the best English language products for intermediate students:

Want to sound more like a native English speaker? Level 1 will teach you everyday phrases, while Level 2 will help you learn some cool expressions. Plus, you can record yourself and get tips from a teacher to improve your English speaking skills! Click here for details!
This course will teach you deeper, more complex, and more colorful vocabulary to expand your vocabulary far beyond the basics and improve your English fluency. You’ll learn 1000+ words, and you can practice them with quizzes and short-answer writing exercises that you can send in for feedback and correction. Click here for details!
Phrasal verbs are super important for speaking fluently. This cool online course will teach you all the common phrasal verbs and give you lots of practice using them. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning and impress everyone with your English skills! Click here for details!
Want to get better at understanding English when people talk? This course has exercises that will help you practice listening to English and understanding what native speakers are saying. You’ll get to listen to both slow and fast audios, with different voices and accents to keep things interesting. Click here for details!
Learn practical English for professional situations – common phrases for interviews, meetings, negotiations, conversations with customers and co-workers, and much more. This course will help you speak English more confidently at work! Click here for details!
Improve Your English Speaking with This AppEnhance your English speaking skills (fluency, confidence, and pronunciation). 8 module course to improve your speaking step by step. Target the frequent errors made by English speakers. Avoid time-wasting and ineffective exercises; concentrate on the fundamental aspects. Recommended levels: A2-to-B2. Offering Awesome Bonuses! Click here for details.
Improve Your English Comprehension and UnderstandingTheir new and innovative method can help you grasp English conversations quickly, allowing you to confidently enjoy movies and TV shows in their original language after just a few months. After completing this program, you will be able to comprehend 80% of conversations without relying on subtitles. Recommended level: A1 to B2. Offering Awesome Bonuses! Click here for details!

So, like, when you’re pretty good at English, you know a bunch of stuff already. But sometimes it’s still hard to understand native speakers and use fancy grammar and slang. It’s super helpful to get advice from a teacher or someone who speaks English as their first language to keep getting better.

Become an English grammar pro by mastering mixed verb tenses, fancy sentence structures, conditionals, connecting words, and a bunch of other cool stuff. These lessons will not only teach you the rules of English grammar, but also show you how to use them in your own writing. Plus, you can get feedback and corrections from a teacher on your English assignments. How awesome is that? Click here for details!

2. Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course

Learn 1,000+ high-level words and expressions to help you sound more sophisticated in English. This course will help you build your vocabulary with advanced words, learn how to put them together naturally, and practice the new words so you won’t forget them. Click here for details!

3. Advanced English Reading Course

Do you struggle with reading in English? This awesome online course is here to help you get better at it! You’ll go through fun lessons that break down reading into easy steps. You’ll get to see how well you understand the text, learn new words as you go, and practice using the new vocabulary you pick up along the way. It’s like a reading adventure just for you! Click here for details!

Perhaps you are more interested in learning English in-person in a real class environment. Then we can suggest you check the famous English language schools accessible with the search tool below.

You can learn any language in a well-known language school located in the most famous tourist and holiday attractions. Compare their prices, course content, reviews and decide where to go!

Have a look at the best language schools in the most popular language holiday destinations.


In this post, we presented you some outstanding apps and courses that make English learning easy and fast. We tried to uncover how these English language apps and courses might help you develop your grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

Discover exceptional apps and courses that may facilitate quick and effortless English learning. Unveil how these resources can boost your proficiency in grammar, writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

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