Beginner Multiple Choice English Vocabulary Test 5

Welcome to EnglishMatic’s beginner English vocabulary exercise – test (5). This free online English vocabulary exercise is of medium difficulty for elementary learners. This free English beginner vocabulary test includes 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. Start the beginner English vocabulary test 5

Free English Beginner Vocabulary Test 5: Choose the best answer!

1. All of my friends are ______. Even some of them have children.


2. We stand in a bus ______ to wait for a bus.


3. Last ______ the dinner was really awful.


4. I brush my ______ regularly, especially after eating.


5. Martin likes ______ stamps. He has got already 75.


6. Humans pick things up using their ______ .


7. You lick ice-cream with your ______ .


8. The cars wait until the traffic ______ turn green.


9. We get wet when it ______.


10. When it is very cold, everything ______.


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