Advanced English Grammar Exercise on Mixed Tenses (2)

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s advanced English grammar exercise on mixed tenses. This tenses online grammar exercise is for advanced learners. It includes 10 multiple choice grammar questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Take the advanced English grammar exercise on mixed tenses (2) now. Choose the best answer!

Advanced English Grammar Exercise & Test on Mixed Tenses 2

1. It __________ extremely difficult to determine what sickness a patient held in the mid 1940s, yet the use of ultrasound and magnetic resonance since 1945 _______it easier to diagnose disease.


2. Roberto ………… very well in the final, probably because he………… several long and difficult matches in the earlier rounds.


3. It has been claimed by the prime minister that lunar space travel __________________ available by 2029.


4. The Prime Minister……….. so exhausted by the time he ……….. his visits to neighbouring countries.


5. My grandpa’s health ……….. until he ……….. taking alcohol.


6. It has been estimated by the authorities that the most unusually packaged tourist ………… our country at this time next week.


7. The new product _________its own niche of the market recently, but by this time next year, it __________a dismal failure by all.


8. The state department is going to move all the convicts to the recently built facility, but they ___________ them in the ABC for the time being.


9. My co-worker,……….. past the bank every day and I have been asking him to pay my bill for me, but he keeps forgetting, so I……….. it myself.


10. The moment children ______awareness, parents _______to them by word and deed that they must submit to the will of their parents.


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Study more free English grammar tests & exercises online. Knowledge of English mixed tenses are the fundamentals of advanced grammar and sometimes English verb tenses exercises and questions come as a challenge. It is widely accepted that grammar is a vital part of language tests and EnglishMatic proudly offers this advanced grammar exercise on mixed tenses to help you learn and practice English verb tenses better.

You need to be careful with exercises on mixed tenses. Try to notice clues as for time references or order of events as well as conjunctions. The grammar exercise on mixed tenses is for learners at advanced level. It includes multiple choice grammar questions on mixed tenses in English with answers.

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