Advanced English Grammar Test on Mixed Tenses 1

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s advanced English grammar test on mixed Tenses (1). This tenses free online grammar test is for advanced learners. It includes 10 multiple choice grammar questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Take the advanced English grammar test on mixed TENSES 1 now. Choose the best answer!

Advanced English Grammar Test on Mixed Tenses 1

1. Political history has always shown that when the military………….. control in a country, democracy can not be mentioned any longer.


2. Payphones ………… from fewer than 1000 to nearly 9000 covering virtually all urban, rural and market centres for the last three weeks.


3. Measles ………… a disease that causes painful swelling in the neck.


4. How can you imagine I will forget the first time I…………. a speech in front of so many people? No one could ever notice how fast my heartbeats were.


5. Jack……….. part in our conversation tonight due to the fact that he……… appointment with his doctor.


6. Phonetics, applicable to all human languages, ……….. the study of speech sounds and their production.


7. Over the years I………….. several articles and two books on animal-intelligence experiments and the controversy that……….. them.


8. The police ………… a noteworthy investigation into the causes of the last attempts to assassinate the head of the investigation.


9. I feel so exhausted. I………….. the garden for two hours and I………….. for single moment.


10. Life in villages of China ……….. around temples, where people……….. to ask for things.


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Study more free English grammar tests & exercises online. English tenses form the fundamentals of grammar and sometimes English tense questions come as a challenge. It is a widely known fact that grammar is a vital part of language tests and thus EnglishMatic proudly offers this advanced grammar test on mixed tenses to help you learn and practice English better.

On this page is a grammar advanced test on mixed verb tenses in English. The mixed tenses grammar exercise is for learners at advanced level. It includes multiple choice grammar questions on verb tenses in English with answers.

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