Advanced English Vocabulary Exercise 2

Here is EnglishMatic’s advanced English vocabulary exercise (2). This English vocabulary exercise has 10 multiple-choice vocabulary questions with answers prepared for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. Take Advanced English Vocabulary Exercise (2) Now! Choose the best answer!

1. The report issued by the National Health Council draws attention to the hazards of ____ to X rays.


2. There’s nothing very brilliant about the report, but he has ____ collected all the data needed.


3. Many of the critics clearly regarded several of the paintings on ____ as of poor quality.


4. It was decided at the board meeting that more funds should be allocated to getting the firm’s products ____ more widely.


5. I had my doubts about her when I took her on, but now I’m pleased to say that she has ____ to be a talented executive.


6. The two major political parties in Britain have currently ____ to extreme and radically different approaches to the solution of Britain’s economic problem.


7. He’s clever, he seems to know by instinct where someone is ____ and strikes there.


8. Due to the industrialisation and colonisation, the nineteenth century ____ the greatest expansion of wealth the world had ever known.


9. Bartok was influenced as much by the musical innovations of Debuasy and Starvinsky as by East European, ____ Hungarian, folk music.


10. Among the problems facing bridge engineers, the most serious ones are those of ____ and repair.


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As all test-takers know advanced vocabulary is a vital part of language tests and EnglishMatic is happy to offer advanced level English vocabulary tests to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free English advanced vocabulary exercise. This advanced English vocabulary exercise is a medium difficulty exercise which includes multiple choice vocabulary questions with answers for advanced learners.

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