Advanced English Vocabulary Exercise 2

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Here is EnglishMatic’s advanced English vocabulary exercise (2). This English vocabulary exercise has 10 multiple-choice vocabulary questions with answers prepared for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. Take Advanced English Vocabulary Exercise (2) Now! Choose the best answer!

Advanced English Vocabulary Exercise 2 – Choose the best answer!

1. I had my doubts about her when I took her on, but now I’m pleased to say that she has ____ to be a talented executive.


2. Many of the critics clearly regarded several of the paintings on ____ as of poor quality.


3. Due to the industrialisation and colonisation, the nineteenth century ____ the greatest expansion of wealth the world had ever known.


4. Among the problems facing bridge engineers, the most serious ones are those of ____ and repair.


5. The two major political parties in Britain have currently ____ to extreme and radically different approaches to the solution of Britain’s economic problem.


6. Bartok was influenced as much by the musical innovations of Debuasy and Starvinsky as by East European, ____ Hungarian, folk music.


7. There’s nothing very brilliant about the report, but he has ____ collected all the data needed.


8. The report issued by the National Health Council draws attention to the hazards of ____ to X rays.


9. He’s clever, he seems to know by instinct where someone is ____ and strikes there.


10. It was decided at the board meeting that more funds should be allocated to getting the firm’s products ____ more widely.


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Practice more free English vocabulary tests & exercises online. As all test-takers know advanced vocabulary is a vital part of language tests and EnglishMatic is happy to offer advanced level English vocabulary tests to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free English advanced vocabulary exercise. This advanced English vocabulary exercise is a medium difficulty exercise which includes multiple choice vocabulary questions with answers for advanced learners.

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