Advanced English Vocabulary Quiz (3)

Welcome to EnglishMatic’s advanced English vocabulary quiz (3). This English vocabulary quiz has 10 multiple-choice vocab questions with answers prepared for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. Take Advanced English Vocabulary Quiz Now! Choose the best answer!

Advanced English Vocabulary Quiz (3) & Choose the best answer!

1. Any child left to its own devices for too long is likely to ____ on some dangerous enterprise.


2. We must find some way to give them fairly complete and realistic picture of the situation, but without ____ them too much.


3. The rise in energy ____ has led to a reduction of fossil fuels that the world must use.


4. The two archaeologists have tried hard to read the inscription in old Latin, but I do not think they have ____ what it really means.


5. The children of today are healthier and better ____ than those of the past, and far fewer of them die in infancy.


6. He invariably gets what he wants but unfortunately this is usually ____ the expense of others.


7. Industry as a whole was badly affected by the restrictions, but it was the high technology sector that suffered most ____ .


8. Few, if any, of the statements could be ____ substantiated by concrete experimental evidence.


9. One defect seems inherent in a purely classical education – namely, a too ____ emphasis on the past.


10. He’s basically a very reliant person so you can be sure he’ll soon ____ this disappointment.


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