Free Online Advanced English Vocabulary Test (1)

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s advanced English vocabulary test (1). This free online English vocabulary test has 10 multiple-choice vocab questions with answers prepared for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. Take Advanced English Vocabulary Test (1) online now! Choose the best answer!

Free Online Advanced English Vocabulary Test 1

1. The British exit from the European Community has ____ a new line of policy.


2. The argument he has put forward is hardly ____ with the information we have so far received on the case.


3. I don’t approve of the methods he is using, but his ____ aim, as regards the project, is admirable.


4. In an effort to ____ the rate of inflation many banks have raised their interest rates.


5. As my secretary will be away for a couple of days, would you be kind enough to ____ my correspondence?


6. The allocation made by the budget committee can be used ____ to finance work on child health.


7. As he has adamantly withstood all kinds of political pressure on this issue for so long, it is unlikely that he would ____ at this stage.


8. I have looked through the report, but I must admit, only ____ .


9. On the third day of the shipwreck, rescuers gave up all hope of finding any ____ .


10. Since the firm has been found negligent by the court, his claim for ____ for the accident has been accepted.


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Study more free English vocabulary tests & exercises online. As you know advanced vocabulary is an essential part of language tests and EnglishMatic is happy to offer advanced level English vocabulary tests to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free online English advanced vocabulary test. This advanced online English vocabulary test is a medium difficulty exercise which includes multiple choice vocabulary questions with answers for intermediate learners.

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