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However hazy their grasp of astronomy may be, most adults hold several beliefs with some certainty. They believe, for example, that the Earth is round and that it revolves around another, larger round body (the Sun), —(1)— a smaller round body (the Moon) revolves around it. They also believe —(2)— certain familiar phenomena, such as the day-night cycle and the seasons, depend on the movements and relative positions of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. But how do adults come to form such beliefs? The facts of astronomy are hardly evident in everyday experience; if anything, the reverse —(3)— to be true. Children experience an apparently flat earth from which they see the Sun move —(4)— the sky, and they learn things that seem incompatible with the notion that people could somehow live on the surface of a large ball. Is the development of adult-level understanding, therefore, simply a matter of suppressing childish beliefs and gradually —(5)— the views of modern adult society?

1. Choose the best answer for gap 1?


2. Choose the best answer for gap 2?


3. Choose the best answer for gap 3?


4. Choose the best answer for gap 4?


5. Choose the best answer for gap 5?


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