Advanced Level English Grammar Practice Test 1

Welcome to the EnglishMatic’s advanced level free English grammar practice and revision test 1. This advanced level grammar practice test comes with 10 multiple choice test questions and answers. You can check your performance scores after finishing the practice test. Take it now and have fun!

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Advanced English Grammar Revision & Practice Test-1: Choose the best answer!

1. The committee showed their wholehearted approval of the designs she submitted and ……….. .


2. If we are to get out of this political mess, someone ……….. the lead, and the sooner they start the better.


3. It was clear that he wasn’t impressed by the way the business was run, and I must admit ……………. .


4. Under the present circumstances we don’t have to take the case to the court, ………… ?


5. We’ve had some pretty good directors over two years but Dr Radeliffe is …………. the most capable of them all.


6. Following a noticeable improvement in the general economic scene, unemployment too, seems ………… a turn for the better.


7. Could this possibly be the firm’s new buyer ………… reputation, if we are able to believe the newspapers, is not quite good.


8. Have you seen the display of the books written by the visiting professor ………. is going to talk this afternoon on the future of the European Community?


9. By the end of this term of office, he ………… all the projects he has already undertaken.


10. Though he got other people to do research for him in the archives he ………….. wrote the whole report.


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Practise free English proficiency and practice tests on EnglishMatic. Language tests can be passed only through intense practice, that’s why EnglishMatic has prepared this advanced level multiple choice free English grammar practice and revision test for upper-intermediate to advance learners who want to pass language tests. This advance practice exercise mainly covers questions on English verb tenses.

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Title & Link: Advanced Level English Grammar Practice Test 1
Summary: EnglishMatic has prepared this advanced level free English grammar practice and revision test for learners who want to pass language tests.