Advanced Level English Online Revision & Practice Test 3

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Here is the 3rd English grammar and vocabulary practice & revision test for advanced learners.
This advanced level online mini practice test has 10 multiple choice test questions with answers.
Questions in this advanced revision test are hard and on different English verb tenses. Your score and answers will be displayed after submitting the test.

3rd Upper-intermediate / Advanced Online English Practice & Revision Test Choose the best answer!

1. Had they apologised for deliberately overcharging me, I _____ a complaint with the Consumers’ Rights Office.


2. It seems likely that, by the end of the week, the costs involved in the construction of the bridge _____ by the Ministry.


3. Evaporation ____ the process by which a solid or liquid ____ into vapour by heat.


4. Why can’t you admit that _____ hard he works, he will never manage to achieve what his elder brother has achieved?


5. Our delegates hadn’t shown themselves willing to come to terms, those from other countries _____ .


6. The Etruscans, who ____ a great part of Italy about 900 BC, ____ from Asia Minor.


7. They set up a liaison office in East Africa for marketing their goods but now they wish they _____ so.


8. We _____ no problems whatsoever with the dam since it _____ forty years ago.


9. In recent decades the efficiency of the United Nations _____ by a growing number of countries.


10. They haven’t met for twelve years or more, but I understand they still write to _____ at a regular interval.


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Go back to all free advanced English proficiency and practice tests on EnglishMatic. Language tests can be dealt with succesfully only through intense practice, that’s why EnglishMatic has prepared this c1-c2 multiple choice free English grammar practice test and revision exercise for upper-intermediate to advance learners who want to pass language tests. This advance c1 grammar practice exercise mainly covers questions on English verb tenses.

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Title & Link: Advanced Level English Online Revision & Practice Test 3
Summary: Here is the 3rd English practice & revision test on verb tenses for advanced learners. This online mini practice test has 10 multiple-choice questions with answers.