Advanced Online English Cloze Exercise 2

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s advanced level cloze exercise with answers (2). This free online English cloze exercise comes with a basic cloze passage and 5 multiple choice questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Take the Advanced English Cloze Exercise!

Advanced Cloze Test 2 & Read the advanced cloze reading passage and pick the best answer!

The Pergamum of Eumenes II is remembered — (1) — for its library. Said to have held more than 200,000 volumes, the library was a symbol of Pergamum’s social and cultural status. Eumenes was a passionate book collector, and his library came to challenge the world’s greatest one in Alexandria (700,000 books). Afraid that the Pergamum library — (2) — famous scholars away from Alexandria, the Egyptians cut off the supply of papyrus from the Nile. Never one to refuse a challenge, Eumenes set his scientists to work and they — (3) — pergamen (Latin for parchment), a writing surface made from animal hides rather than pressed papyrus reeds. — (4) — the end, however, it was the Egyptians who had the last laugh. — (5) — the library at Alexandria was damaged by fire, Mark Antony pillaged the one at Pergamum for books to give to his beloved Cleopatra.

1. Choose the best answer for gap 1?


2. Choose the best answer for gap 2?


3. Choose the best answer for gap 3?


4. Choose the best answer for gap 4?


5. Choose the best answer for gap 5?


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