Advanced Reading Comprehension Exercise 2

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Here is EnglishMatic’s advanced reading comprehension exercise (2). This free online English reading passage comes with a reading exercise for advanced level learners and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results upon submitting the test.

Advanced Reading Comprehension Exercises & Advanced English Reading Test 2 – Read the passage carefully and answer the questions!

Fast-food is such a pervasive part of American life that it has become synonymous with American culture. Fast-food was born in America and it has now swollen into a $106-billion industry. America exports fast-food worldwide and its attendant corporate culture, has probably been more influential and done more to destroy local food economies and cultural diversity than any government propaganda programme could hope to accomplish. No corner of the earth is safe from its presence and no aspect of life is unaffected. Fastfood is now found in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, gas stations, stadiums, on trains, and increasingly, in schools. There are 23,000 restaurants in one chain alone, and another 2,000 are being opened every year. Its effect has been the same on the millions of people it feeds daily and on the people it employs. Fast-food culture has changed how we work, from its assembly-line kitchens filled with robotic frying machines to the trite phrases spoken to customers by its poorly paid part-time workforce. In the United States, more than 57 per cent of the population eat meals away from home on any given day and they spend more money on fast-food than they do on higher education, personal computers, or even on new cars.

1. The writer of the passage clearly regrets the fact that ———————.


2. This passage on American’s fast-food industry ————————-.


3. The word “swollen” in line 2 —————————–.


4. The assertion at the end of the passage that Americans spend more money on fastfood than they do on higher education —–


5. One point that receives a lot of attention in the passage is —————————-.


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More advanced tests? Check other free reading comprehension tests & exercises. A majority of learners regard it challenging to fully comprehend a reading comprehension passage and answer related questions. They also know that reading forms an initial part of language tests. Thus is happy to offer advanced English reading passage and exercise to help you learn English better. On this page is a free English reading comprehension exercise for advanced learners and it includes medium-difficulty reading passage and multiple choice reading comprehension questions with answers.

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