B1-B2 Level English Reading Comprehension Passage & Test 4

Here is an intermediate b1-b2 level free English reading exercise including an intermediate reading passage and 5 multiple choice comprehension questions with answers. Both pre-intermediate and upper intermediate learners can benefit from this reading exercise. Take this b1-b2 reading exercise now!

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Free Intermediate B1-B2 Level Reading Comprehension Passage on Capitalism. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer!

Capitalism is an economic system in which private people, not the government, own and run companies. These companies compete with other companies for business. They decide what products they want to produce, how much they should cost and where to sell them. Companies do all these things in order to make profits for their owners. People who use their money to start companies or run companies are called capitalists. Even though a pure form of capitalism does not exist and governments control the economy in some ways it remains the world’s most popular economic system. In the United States the government keeps itself out of the economy as far as possible but in some European countries economic control is much larger. Other names for capitalism are free-market economy or free enterprise.

1. It is clear in the passage that …………….. .


2. Which of the following is not true according to the passage?


3. In free enterprise, companies are expected to be very competitive because …………. .


4. In a free market economy, governments control what to produce and sell.


5. In Capitalism, individual capitalists decide on the profit margin to make money.


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Check other free reading comprehension tests & exercises. What makes this B1-B2 level reading test unique is that it entails b1-b2 comprehension passage consisting of mixed grammar and vocabulary structures which require detail knowledge and analytic thinking. This b1 reading passage and exercise assess intermediate learners’ comprehension of written texts, grammar and vocabulary items and is an essential part of some language tests.

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Title & Link: B1-B2 Level English Reading Comprehension Passage & Test 4
Summary: 4th intermediate b1-b2 level free English reading exercise including an intermediate comprehension passage and 5 multiple choice questions with answers.