B1-B2 Reading Paragraph with Questions & Test 6

B1-B2 reading paragraph with questions & test 6 is offered by EnglishMatic under intermediate level online reading comprehension passages with questions. This free online English b1 reading paragraph comes with a reading exercise and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results upon submitting the test.

B1-B2 Intermediate Level English Reading Paragraph with Questions – Test 6 – Read the paragraph carefully and choose the best answer!

Trade happens because people need or want things that they don’t have. We also trade for work that we cannot do ourselves. Trade between countries happens for the same reason. Some countries, for example, have natural resources, like coal, oil or wood which other countries might want to buy. They try to sell the goods, products or services that they have too much of to other countries. They earn money from these sales and then can buy the things that they themselves need and cannot produce on their own. Both producers and consumers profit from international trade. If countries can produce goods more cheaply than others because they specialize on them why not let them. They make more money on one side and consumers in other countries can buy goods that are cheaper. Even though many nations have a lot of different goods to export there are countries that depend only on one or two products to get money. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries of the Middle East depend on oil exports, because it is pretty much the only thing that they can sell. Poor countries in Africa depend largely on the export of tropical farm products to get money.

1. Trade has come into existence as people need to exchange goods and services.


2. Some countries sell products ………………………. .


3. It is more preferable to be comsumers than producers.


4. Which of the following is NOT true?


5. We can infer from the passage that ………………. .


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