Beginner Level English Practice & Revision Test 3

Here is the 3rd English grammar and vocabulary practice & revision test for beginner learners. This elementary level online mini practice test has 10 multiple choice test questions with answers. Questions in this test are easy and on different grammar topics. Your score and answers will be displayed after submitting the test. Take this free English grammar and vocabulary practice test now!

3rd Multiple Choice Free English Grammar and Vocabulary Revision & Practice Test for Beginners Choose the best answer!

1. Isabel is a flight attendant. She _____ passengers.


2. He _____ his car every weekend.


3. “_____ _____ is a hamburger and chips?” -“Three pounds fifty.”


4. Rosemary _____ three languages.


5. A: Is your surname Anderson?  B: ………………… .


6. It’s good practice _____ you.


7. Marcus and Carlos _____ my brothers.


8. Snow is _____ .


9. My dad _____ at 7 o’clock everyday.


10. I’m _____ a class _____ eight other students.


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