C1 Advanced English Grammar Practice Test 2

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This C1 advanced level grammar practice test comes with 10 multiple choice test questions and answers. The c1 c2 grammar practice test is mainly composed of questions on English verb tenses. You can check your performance scores after finishing the practice test. Take it now for free and have fun!

Advanced (C1) English Grammar Practice Test 2: Choose the best answer!

1. The outbreak of fire underground  ……….. an excellent opportunity for ……… a no smoking rule.


2. When that happened, their hopes ………. because the army ………… its most trusted leaders.


3. Water has a moderating effect on temperature,  ………… summer and midday heat, and winter and midnight cold.


4. I don’t like the timetable they have given me; all my classes are after lunch but I would ……….. teach in the morning.


5. Of course, it can never be proved, but just the same, some people think that it ………. better for these children if they had been forcibly taken away from their families.


6. The doctors are of the opinion that if the disorder ……….. a few months earlier, it ……… treated successfully.


7. We still  …………. that any changes in the law along these lines ………. to our advantage


8. For a business to be really successful, team work is essential and the members of team must support ………. .


9. ……………, I had to notify not only the police but also the health authorities.


10. The very idea of establishing a literary ‘canon’ has become …………. controversial that the people running the Library of America have wisely avoided using the term.


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Go back to all free English proficiency and practice tests on EnglishMatic. Language tests can be dealt with succesfully only through intense practice, that’s why EnglishMatic has prepared this c1-c2 multiple choice free English grammar practice test and revision exercise for upper-intermediate to advance learners who want to pass language tests. This advance c1 grammar practice exercise mainly covers questions on English verb tenses.

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Title & Link: C1 Advanced English Grammar Practice Test 2
Summary: This C1 advanced level free grammar practice test comes with 10 mc test questions and answers for you to pass language tests. Check Now!