C1 Advanced Reading Comprehension Activity- Reading Test 6

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Welcome to the C1 Advanced Reading Comprehension Activity- Reading Test 6 offered by EnglishMatic under ESL advanced reading comprehension tests with questions. This free English c1 reading activity comes with an advanced reading passage and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results instantly upon submitting the test. Practise some reading now!

Free C1 Reading Comprehension Activity- Advanced English Reading Test 6 Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer!

Students should be allowed to study without worrying about grades. Fortunately, most educators are becoming aware of the fact that students have different interests and abilities. However, the regimentation resulting from grades still exists. Grades often stifle creativity. Competing for better grades causes many students to turn down opportunities to pursue music, dramatics and sports. Grades impose an arbitrary standard of success on everyone. I do not demand as some extremists do, that grades be abolished immediately. However, I do believe that less emphasis should be placed on grades. I hope that someday grades will become optional at Village High School. (Martin S.)

Let’s face the facts about grades. Grades perform three basic functions. First, grades motivate students to work at their highest level of competence. Second, they act as a reward for hardworking students and as a reprimand to students who do not work hard. Finally, grades are used as an effective standard by which to measure student achievement. Good grades help students to get jobs and to get into university. I’ve spoken with a number of students who have jobs, and most of them say that they were hired primarily on the basis of their grades. My grades helped me land a part-time job and will help me get into university next year. I think grades are extremely important at Village High School. (Helen)

1. Helen writes from the viewpoint of someone who ……………… .


2. Which of the following is NOT an opinion expressed by Martin S.?


3. Helen expresses that grades …………………….. .


4. Which of the following states a fact about grades at Village High School?


5. Martin thinks it is important for ……………… .


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Check other advanced level free reading comprehension tests & exercises. The above advanced reading activity is based on the comprehension of two contradicting viewpoints. EnglishMatic prepared unseen esl english reading textsadvanced reading passages with questions, and reading test questions for the purpose of helping you to practise your reading comprehension and get better scores in English reading tests. On this page is an advanced reading activity for advanced ESL learners and it includes an unseen c1 reading passage and multiple choice reading comprehension questions with answers.

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