Elementary English Cloze Exercise Online (3)

Welcome to EnglishMatic’s elementary / beginner cloze exercise (3). This free online English cloze exercise / quiz comes with elementary level cloze passage test for beginners and has 5 multiple choice questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Take this Elementary English Cloze Exercise Now!

Mr. Kamuro is a doctor. He looks after (1) ——- people. He usually (2) ——– up at 7.00 o’clock. Today he (3) ——- late, it is 7.30 and he is still in bed. He usually goes to work (4) ——- train but today he is driving to work. He arrives at work at 7.30 every morning but it is 7.30 now and he is still (5) ——.

1. Choose the best answer for gap 1?


2. Choose the best answer for gap 2?


3. Choose the best answer for gap 3?


4. Choose the best answer for gap 4?


5. Choose the best answer for gap 5?


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Understanding a cloze passage and answering cloze questions form an initial part of English tests. EnglishMatic.com proudly offers beginner English cloze tests and exercises to help you learn English better. On this page is a free elementary English cloze test / quiz, a basic cloze passage exercise for beginners. It includes an elementary cloze reading passage and multiple choice cloze comprehension questions with answers.

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