Elementary English Reading Passage & Test 5

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s 5th beginner English reading comprehension test. This free online English reading exercise comes with a basic reading passage prepared for beginners and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test.

English Reading Exercises for Beginners: Elementary English Reading Passage & Test 5 – Study the A2 elementary reading passage carefully and choose the best answer!

If you go camping and want to spend the night in a tent you will need certain items. Today’s tents are normally made of nylon, canvas or other light material. They are not so expensive and easy to fold together and carry around with you, especially if you are backpacking. The material has to be waterproof and is easy to put up If you want to sleep in a tent you will need a sleeping bag. It protects you from the outside cold and is warmer than a blanket. Sleeping bags come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Clothing is an important aspect when you go on a camping holiday. Be sure to take clothes with you that will protect you from the sun, rain and insects. Always carry a raincoat with you. Hiking boots are good if you walk a lot.

1. Sleeping bags …………………… .


2. When you go camping, you will not need ………. .


3. Which of the following is true?


4. The passage is about …………… .


5. If you sleep in a tent, a sleeping bag is a good choice.


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Check other free reading comprehension tests & exercises. EnglishMatic.com proudly offers free English online reading comprehension passages, examples, tests and exercises to help you learn English better. On this page is an easy English reading exercise for beginners. It includes a basic elementary reading passage & test as well as multiple choice reading comprehension questions with answers.

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Title & Link: Elementary English Reading Passage & Test 5
Summary: EnglishMatic’s 5th beginner English reading comprehension test. This free online reading exercise comes with a basic reading passage and questions.