ESL B1-B2 English Reading Text – Exercise 7

ESL B1-B2 English Reading Text – Exercise 7 is offered by EnglishMatic under intermediate level online ESL reading comprehension texts with questions. This free online English esl reading exercise comes with a reading text and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results instantly upon submitting the test.

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B1 B2 English Reading Text – Exercise 7 & Read the text carefully and choose the best answer!

In some countries the government controls all trade and in others it allows companies and firms to trade freely. However, all governments control trade in some way. Sometimes a government forbids companies to buy or sell dangerous or illegal products, or military technology. When companies expand and get bigger they often take over others and form a monopoly. Governments pass laws to prevent companies from becoming too strong and powerful and from controlling the market. Many governments try to help their own industries by making it more difficult to import foreign products. They put import taxes on foreign goods to make products more expensive and their own products cheaper. A government may also limit the number of products that it will buy from another nation. European countries, for example, may limit the number of cars that are imported from Japan or the USA. They want their people to buy European cars. We call this strategy protectionism because governments want to protect their companies and industries.

1. Trade is rarely controlled by nearly all governments.


2. It is very usual that smaller companies establish a monopoly in illegal trade.


3. The phrase “take over” means ………….. .


4. Which of the following is true?


5. Governments try to protect and develop their own industry by ……………….. .


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Title & Link: ESL B1-B2 English Reading Text – Exercise 7
Summary: ESL B1-B2 English Reading Text - Exercise 7 is offered by EnglishMatic under intermediate level online ESL reading comprehension texts with questions. Take it now!