Free Advanced C1 Reading Passage & Test 3

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Welcome to the Free English Reading Comprehension Passage Test-3, designed for C1 advance level learners by This online advanced c1 reading exercise comes with a reading passage and a reading test with 5 questions and answers. You will have your performance scores after finishing the test. Have fun!

Online Advanced English Reading Test-3. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions!

Some people believe that meat consumption contributes to famine and depletes the Earth’s natural resources. Indeed, it is often argued that cows and sheep require pasturage that could be better used to grow grain for starving millions in poor countries. Additionally, claims are made that raising livestock requires more water than raising plant foods. But both these arguments are illogical. As for the pasturage argument, this ignores the fact that a large portion of the Earth’s dry land is unsuited to cultivation. For instance, desert and mountainous areas are not suitable for cultivation, but are suitable for animal grazing. However, modern commercial farming methods prefer to raise animals in an enclosed space feeding them on grains and soybeans. Unfortunately the bulk of commercial livestock is not range-fed but stall-fed. Stall-fed animals do not ingest grasses and shrubs (like they should), but are fed an unnatural array of grains and soybeans – which could be eaten by humans. The argument here, then, is not that eating meat depletes the Earth’s resources, but that commercial farming methods do. Such methods subject livestock to deplorable living conditions where infections, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones are common. These all lead to an unhealthy animal and, by extension, to an unhealthy food product.

1. One argument that is clearly opposed in the passage ………………………. .


2. Contrary to what is often argued, the passage points out that ………………………. .


3. The writer attacks present day commercial farming methods …………………………. .


4. One important point made in this passage is that …………………………….. .


5. By the “pasturage argument” is meant the argument that …………………….. .


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