Free B1 English Reading Comprehension Exercise & Test 5

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Here is EnglishMatic’s 5th intermediate level b1 online reading comprehension passage with questions. This free online English b1 reading passage comes with a reading test for intermediate level learners and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers. You will see the results upon submitting the test.

B1 Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test-5 – Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer!

Some American high schools have a dropout rate of up to 50%. There are many reasons for students leaving school: For two thirds of the dropouts motivation is the problem. They can’t just work hard enough. Almost half of them said that they had missed so many classes that they could not catch up any more. Many said that they were not prepared well enough in their earlier school. For a third of them getting a job was more important than finishing school. High school dropouts have more problems in society and in their future lives. They are more likely to be unemployed or live in poverty. There is also a big difference in income if you compare high school dropouts with graduates. According to data by the US Census bureau Americans with a bachelor’s degree earn about $ 50,000 , those with a high school diploma about $28,000 and dropouts only about $ 20,000. Many pupils do not understand the implications of dropping out of school. They often demand better teachers, more lessons to catch up in subjects and more help with learning problems. Some schools have adopted to this situation. They offer evening classes or allow students to come back at a later age.

1. According to the text, motivation ……………… .


2. The word “dropouts” mean ……………… .


3. The US government provides on the job training and certification for dropouts.


4. It is pointed out that ……………… .


5. Many high schools in the US have more than 50% graduates every year.


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Title & Link: Free B1 English Reading Comprehension Exercise & Test 5
Summary: This free English b1 reading passage comes with a reading test for intermediate level learners and has 5 multiple choice reading questions with answers.