Intermediate Cloze Passage with Questions -3

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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s intermediate level cloze passage with questions and answers (3). This free English cloze exercise comes with a basic cloze passage and 5 multiple choice questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Take Intermediate English Cloze Exercise Now!

Intermediate Cloze Test 3 – Fill in the blanks with the best answer!

A mosque is a place where Muslims worship and pray to God. Some mosques are also places where Muslims ….(1)….. and discuss things or where religious education takes place. In some countries mosques also serve political ….(2)….. and imams discuss political issues. Mosques ….(3)….. back to the seventh century when they first ….(4)….. on the Arabian Peninsula. ….(5)….. famous mosques are in Turkey and the Middle East. The best examples are the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, The Grand Mosque of Mecca or the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

1. Choose the best answer for gap 1?


2. Choose the best answer for gap 2?


3. Choose the best answer for gap 3?


4. Choose the best answer for gap 4?


5. Choose the best answer for gap 5?


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