Intermediate English Vocabulary Test 2 (Jobs)

Here is the intermediate English vocabulary test (2). This English vocabulary test is of low difficulty for intermediate learners. The vocabulary test is on jobs in English and includes 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. Start Now! Choose the best answer!

Intermediate Level Free English Vocabulary Test 2 (Jobs) – Choose the best answer!

1. Members of the military who go to sea are called ……….. .


2. They cook in restaurant kitchens. They are called ……. .


3. People who put out fires are called …….. .


4. People who work with doctors in a hospital taking care of sick people are called ……..


5. A woman who works in a restaurant serving food is called a ……… .


6. Someone who works in a bank counting money is called a …….. .


7. A man who works in a restaurant serving food is called a …….. .


8. They fly planes. They are ……. .


9. They deliver the mail from door to door. They are …….. .


10. If someone breaks into your house, you call the …….. .


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Take other free English vocabulary tests & exercises online. As vocabulary is an essential section of language exams, EnglishMatic proudly offers you an intermediate level English vocabulary test on jobs on this page to help you learn and practice English vocabulary better. Here is a free English intermediate vocabulary test on jobs in English. This jobs vocabulary test is a low difficulty exercise which includes multiple choice vocabulary questions with answers for intermediate learners.

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