Intermediate English Vocabulary Exercise-Test 1

Welcome to EnglishMatic’s intermediate English vocabulary exercise – test (1). This English vocabulary exercise is of medium difficulty for intermediate learners. Vocab test includes 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. Start the Intermediate English Vocabulary Exercise-Test 1. Choose the best answer!

1. You mustn’t drink and than ……. your car.


2. Who will …… over the company when the boss dies?


3. Please …….. careful while answering the reading test.


4. Will you please …… attention to what I am saying?


5. Don’t ……. ! James will be on time for the class.


6. Be strong! You can’t ……… yourself over to despair.


7. You should ……. on your work to be succesful.


8. You can do what you want. I don’t …….. .


9. This snowmobile isn’t really stable. It might …… you badly.


10. I will …… her from the station when she arrives.


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Everyone is aware that vocabulary is an essential section of language tests and EnglishMatic proudly offers intermediate level English vocabulary tests and exercises to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free English intermediate vocabulary test. This vocabulary test is a medium difficulty exercise which includes multiple choice vocabulary questions with answers for intermediate learners.

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