Intermediate Online English Grammar Test on Modals 1

Welcome to EnglishMatic’s intermediate English grammar test on Modals (1). The modals free online English grammar test is for intermediate learners. It includes 10 multiple choice grammar questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Start the Intermediate English grammar test on Modal Verbs (1) now. Choose the best answer!

1. Coffee ……….. in cold climates.


2. When he was a child, Mike ……. run longer distances than he …… now.


3. Sshhh! Be quiet! We are in the library. We …….. talk loudly.


4. During my chilhood, there ……. be a market here.


5. You …….. go out after it becomes dark. It is not safe.


6. If I wake up very late for the exam, I …….. call a taxi.


7. I …… find my keys. I think I lost them.


8. I got an FF from one of my courses. I ……… study harder and harder.


9. There was heavy rain last night but I ………. arrive home safe and sound.


10. Your car looks dirty. It ………………. .


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It is widely accepted that grammar is a vital part of language tests and EnglishMatic proudly offers intermediate English grammar tests and exercises to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free intermediate English grammar test on modal verbs. The Modals English grammar exercise is for pre-intermediate to intermediate levels. It includes multiple choice grammar questions on modals in English with answers.

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