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Welcome to EnglishMatic’s intermediate English grammar test on Tenses (1). This TENSES free online English grammar test is for intermediate learners. It includes 10 multiple choice grammar questions with answers. You will see the results when you submit the test. Start the intermediate online grammar test on English Tenses (1) now. Choose the best answer!

1. We are quite anxious about Jane now. She ____________ home a fortnight ago to spend her vacation with her friends but she _________ to us yet.


2. Nobody ___________ Marco while he _____________ the garage.


3. The secretary ___________ worried because she ____________ the bills yet.


4. Michalangelo ___________ on time unless he ____________ his alarm clock.


5. While Jack __________, his brother ___________ a photo of him.


6. Please don’t disturb us, we ____________ the president’s address.


7. Hilary _____________ since she ___________ a heart attack.


8. The Smith family _______ to this house in 2007 and they _________ there since then.


9. Before I ___________ to the USA, I __________ English in my own country.


10. Sshh! Listen! A nostalgic tune _______________ on the radio.


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Tenses in English are the fundamentals of English gammar. It is widely accepted that grammar is a vital part of language tests and EnglishMatic proudly offers intermediate English grammar tests and exercises on tenses to help you learn and practice English better. On this page is a free intermediate English grammar test on verb tenses. The Tenses English grammar exercise is for pre-intermediate to intermediate levels. It includes multiple choice grammar questions on verb tenses in English with answers.

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