Simple Past Tense Reading Passage – Test 3

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Here is the 3rd elementary level reading exercise with a simple past tense passage. You will answer 5 multiple choice reading questions. After you finish this simple past elementary reading passage, you will be able to see your rank among previous learners. Have Fun!

Elementary English Reading Passage & Test 3 – Read the elementary English reading passage carefully and choose the best answer!

Myiaki was going to a famous college in the States. One day she was eating her lunch in the school cafeteria. She was listening to American students talking. One student said to the other student, “eet?” Myiaki was very confused. She did not know the word Jeet. She asked her teacher to explain. The teacher finally realized the student was saying, “Did you eat?” Her teacher explained that Americans speak very fast. They use reductions like Jeet which is the fast way to say “Did you eat”. Myiaki understood that it was important to learn reductions in daily conversations.

1. Which of the following is true?


2. Myiaki was confused because …………………………..  .


3. Myiaki attends a famous college in Japan.


4. They use reductions. “They” refers to …………………………. .


5. “finally” means …………………………. .


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Check other free reading comprehension tests & exercises. This quiz is an elementary level free online reading exercise based on the Simple Past Tense. It includes an easy simple past tense reading passage with questions and answers. Practice your grammar and reading skills online.

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